Wyoming Citation Electronic Payment Information
Paying through this website, you will be assessed a $5.00 convenience fee per citation, by the court.
Processing the payment may take 2 to 5 working days.
Not all of the law enforcement agencies in Wyoming use this payment system.   Payments due to municipal courts are not accepted through this website.   On the next screen you will be able to verify which courts accept payments on line.
You MAY NOT pay your citation online if your traffic citation indicates that you "Must Appear" in court.
Payment of the citation is considered a conviction.  For some violations, your state's Department of Motor Vehicles may assess points on your driving record.
If you have received a notice of suspension from the Department of Motor Vehicles, you should be aware that payment online will not prevent suspension of your license if the payment has not been posted to the court before the suspension date.  If your license has already been suspended, you will need to provide a current address so that a compliance letter can be sent to you.  The Department of Motor Vehicles will need this compliance to reinstate your driver's license.
If paying a ticket for which a warrant has been issued, be aware that the warrant will remain active until the court processes your payment and withdraws your warrant.   Please contact the court for warrant status.